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An ever increasing product, soy wax melts are easy to use and with no flames they reduce fire hazard, making them perfect for those who prefer not to have a burning candle.


With approximately 10 hours of fragrance per cube, our soy wax melts are a perfect way to spread fragrance throughout your space.

They can be used with the traditional tea light burner or an electric melt warmer which is an even safer option as they have no open flame -

Click here to purchase an electric melt warmer


We recommend 2 blocks in our electric melt warmers as the bowl is so large, however melts have a stronger aroma so if you prefer a more suttle fragrance use only 1 cube.


Packaged in reusable plastic.

Simply break and pop out a cube for your oil burner.


Burn Time: 10 Hours per cube, 60 hours per pack.


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