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Large Candle

Candles are the best way to enhance the atmosphere in your home. Hand poured with care, our candles fill your space with an aroma that delights your senses.


Burn our candles while you entertain guests or treat yourself to your favourite fragrance while you relax.


Our candles are poured using only the highest quality fragrances with 100% natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. Our small team create these candles by hand, from fragrance loading, sticking wicks, pouring the wax, aligning the wicks, trimming the wick and labelling the candle.


There’s just something about the flickering, dancing flame of a candle that creates a whole new mood and relaxes the atmosphere – and also that feeling of lighting a candle after you’ve tidied up, it just makes everything feel so much more put together!


Wax Quantity: 285g

Burn Time: Approx 48 hours


Large Candle

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