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Electric Melt Warmer - White + Gold


Place dish on base. Ensure warmer is on a flat surface and dish is securely resting on base. Place wax melt into dish. Plug in cord, turn on and enjoy a flame-free fragrance.



Once the fragrance has dissipated, to remove wax from dish, wait until cooled completely and try to pop the wax out. Alternatively, place the dish into the freezer for 30 minutes, allowing the wax to easily pop out.

If wax is not melting make sure light bulb is on. 

If wax spills on the warmer use a plastic spatula to scrape it off. Use paper towel to rub off any remaining wax. Do not use metal or other sharp objects to scrape wax off.

Turning the light on and off within 5 minutes will shorten the life of your bulb.



To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and excessive UV radiation please follow these instructions.

Use caution when handling as the base may become hot. Do not place warmer on or near sensitive or flammable surfaces. Turn off and unplug warmer when not in use or before cleaning/changing bulb. Allow base to cool before touching. Do not leave warmer on for more than 3 hours. This appliance is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children/pets. Do not add water to hot wax. Do not allow cord to hang over edge of counter or touch hot surfaces. Do not expose to light for long periods. Do not look directly at lighted bulb. Do not operate warmer if parts missing/damaged. Do not attempt to repair yourself. Do not leave unattended when in use. Do not attempt to move warmer while wax is hot. Do not use outdoors. Do not put cord, plug or warmer in water/liquid.

Electric Melt Warmer - White + Gold

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